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•Smith in hopes that she teaches : 
Algebra next year. 

I, Carolyn Wukman, will to 
Julia all the fun in Cooking Class. 

I. Marilyn Wukman, will my 
good times at Pershing to every¬ 

I, Doreen Sweigart, being of 
inkstained hands and rattled 
brains, do hereby will my ability 
(?) to make maps to Mrs. Leg¬ 

I, Johnny St, Germain, leave 
all my teachers to my classmates 
to tear up. 

I, Mary Throgmorton, leave to 
Jody Toddny .my pony-tail. 

I, Judy Stradinger, will my 
ability (?) to get axong with my 
teachers to my sister, Jan. 

I, Lee Trail, will Sheryl Schoen- 
Lield my ability to get along with 
John Trail. 

I, Ann Taylor, will my dirty 
gym suit to my sister. 

I, Kay Suhlett, will my great 
English grades (?) to Jim Ste¬ 
vens. ! 

I, Neva Terry, will to Judy Me- j 
Farland all my ABC gum. , 

1, Barbara McClean, leave my 
ability to get along with Miss 
Grossman to Jan Stevens. 

I, Wavne Frank; Castleberry, j 
will to my little sister, a match 
and a can of gasoline to burn 
down a certain shack. 

I. Merry Swanson, will to Mary 
Nell Nolan all my laughs with 
Mr. Moss, 

I, Suzanne Robinshow, will all 
my good conduct grades to Mrs. 

I, Don DeLand, will my ability 
to know algebra to a young and 
up coming 8th grader named Fer- 

I, David BrockwelL will to Miss 
Parks my good humor and brains 
iS conduct grades. On second 
thought I’ll keep the humor and 
brains and just will the conduct 

grades. „ . 

I, Jimmy Borland, will all of 
my *pops”, 49 of them, to Larry 

Brasewell. ^ , 

I. Dale Brown, will to Sydney 
Smith my ability to do push-ups 
on Bellaire Blvd. 

I s Sheila Branscum, leave 
{< Bwo 5 ’ and Haryet Simon my 

good times at the V.age. 

I. Jerry Braswell, will my abil¬ 
ity not to get pops to Wayne 

j* Beverly Martin, bequeath all 
jay’ $15.00 worth of James Dean 
movie magazines to Mrs. Beny, 
the nurse. 

I, Arthur de la Houssaye, will 
will all my pops to Jack Ander¬ 
son and the school back to the 
school hoard. 

I, Carole Briggs, leave my good 
conduct grades to Helen Bart¬ 
lett and Martha Lanier. 

■ I, Phyllis Bumar, leave Nancy 
Norris and Nancy Flake my wave 
and red rinse. I hope they have 
better luck with them than I did. 

I, Patsy Bonner, leave my mir¬ 
ror to Susan Snead. 

I, Benton Brown, will all my 
pops and lectures to Jerry Tay¬ 

I, Roy Bobo, will all my good 






(?) English grades to Justin J s 
Elliott who can probably use j c 

I, Mike Blackledge, leave my 1 
deteriorated A-V badge to Frank- t 
ie Burdett and Howard Chalmers. 

To Carolyn Bridges I leave r 
sole pair of gym shorts and trus- € 
ty tattered T-shirt. Signed Bill 
Bush. x 

I, Pudgie Cornwell, will all my j 
nicknames (Agnes, Pudgy, and j 
Patoogie) and my fumbles in 
football to Julia, Mary Jane and ^ 

I, Kathie Martin, will my beau¬ 
tiful saxophone playing to Tom < 
Mullen. -j 

I, Lee Chatham, leave to my ^ 
brother, Clifford, my ability to 
make excellent grades in alge- ( 

bra. _ ' , < 

I, Bain Williams, will my ami" ] 
ity to get out of predicaments 
fast to Dave Mclmee and Don ( 

Cantrell. ? , 

I. Kay Clanton, will to Karen 
Terry and A|rlene Cohen my . 
ability to skip school (dancing on 
shows) and still somehow man- ‘ 
age to pass. _ 1 

I, Barbara Segers, will my j ^ 
glorious days and grades to Ed- j 1 
: die Browning. 

i I, Linda Griswold, will my abil¬ 
ity to make low grades in alge¬ 
bra to Vance Griswold and Rob- j 
ert Simmon. 

I, Jerry Weloton, leave my ma- j 
chine gun to Carol jLillibridge and j 
| Bobby Wynne so that they will | 

j be the life of the party. 

I I, Richard Cunningham, will 
Mr. Gimble’s good humor, pa¬ 
tience and understanding t| 
Spookey, Sparkey, Smokey, ana 
Seroge, the smart alec yankee 
drummers of Pershing’s Senior 

I, Linda Carrier, leave to Bar¬ 
bara Holman my ability, along 
with Margo’s, to keep up our 
wonderful Friendship Club! 

I, Judy Bond, will my braces 
to all the lucky ones (?) who 
have to wear them. 

I; Kenneth Carr@ well my 
, Avility fo fypi and her txpe-; 
qrirets hacd to Mrs. rOllmx,. 

• I, Joy Simmons, leave all my 
■ books to Robert Simmons and 

Vance Griswold. 

I, Carolyn Carothers, give ev- 
5 erybodv everything but I wont. 

I will only give 99 44/100% of 
l the people something. 
l I, Carol Smith, will' to my be- 
, loved next door neighbor, Geor¬ 
gia Reynolds, my old bottle of 
t j peroxide and Preston Webb if 

• you want them. 

s j I, James Cheek, will my T-Co 
j to Denton Allen in hopes he will 
I try to get it from me. 

I, Miki Carlisle, leave Kaye 
Thompson all of my long black 
r hairy 

! I, Jeannine Pingenot, will my 
; brain to be put up for a science 
. exhibit. 

I, Bari Bodden, will my gym 
shoes and sox to Frankie Carl 
r Burdett. 

I, Bill Chenoutt, will my Latin 
grades to any one who is un- 
l lucky enough to get them. 

I, Gayle Chernosky, leave my 
monogramed lunch bags to any¬ 
one constantly loosing his lunch. 

I, Garry Gunter, will my 22 
pops hack to Mr. Landers. 

I, Marsha Day, will to Kath¬ 
erine Day my ability to make 
bad grades in algebra. 

I, Susan Campbell, will to 
Patty Sims my great beauty,and 
wisdom in hopes it will make 
her as unpopular as I. 

I, Mary Robbins, will my abil¬ 
ity to fail Latin (even after 

studying for 10 minutes, to San¬ 
dy Dominquez. 

I, Richard Bannerot, leave my 
beat up chair in the band room 
to Bobby Parkinson. . , 

I, Carol Pitcher, will to Ra¬ 
mona Bowen my freckle remov- 

I, Gail Reuben, leave most of 
my many pictures of John Beg¬ 
ley to Susie Dreschel whenever 
I stop liking him. 

I 5 Barbara Plummer, leave all 
my good luck to my sister and 
Adelaide Pierce. 

r, Linda Quillin, will to Paul¬ 
ette Setzer, my gym shoes and 
the hot times I had wearing 
them. , . ;f ■pjC ; V:,;-k 

I, Chucker Redman, will my 
old stinky gym clothes that 
some one stole last yeax* to 
Douglas Griffin. 

I, Lana Feagin, will my rag¬ 
ged gymsuits to Barbara Free- 

1, Hehiy Milam, will my abil- , 
ity to run a projector and ruin 
film to Bill Simonson and David 
Campbell. , 

I, Carol Coulter will my lock- ‘ 
er number 176 with the personal¬ 
ly autographed picture of Mic¬ 
key Mouse on the door, back to . 
the walls of Pershing. i 

I, Louis Collins, will Mr. 
Moore my counterfeiting ma¬ 
chine to make 1894 dimes and 
1913 nickles. 

I, Bill Trish, will my gym j 
shorts to Robert Lacy. 

I, Sandy Cole, will to Alton j 
Earl (Speedo) a new transmis- j 
sion for the “Green Monster.” 

I, Elsley Bowman, will my 
grades to anyone who wants 
them including my gym shoes, j 
I, Jack Coleman, do hereby 
will all my Latin grades, erim 
studio it magna celeritate, to 
any poor, misguided soul who 
wants them. 

j I, Judy Lucas hope that Judy 
Boh White never runs out of 
jokes and money. 

I, Riehard Duke, will one bot¬ 
tle of Uueer Pills to my history 

I, Barbara Sipe, will my abil¬ 
ity to get along with boys to 
my sister, Annelle. 

| I. Janis Glanzer, will to my j 
brother, David, Aunt Maxey. j 
I, Richard Bruns, will to any j 
H-8 my good (?) World History j 
tests from Mr. Thomasson’s 

I, Joyce Lee, leave to Patricia 
Robinson the very nice ability 
j to wash and iron my gymsuit 
! and then forget it on Monday 
j morning. 

j I, Carole Cloninger, alias C. 

| C., will all that I am able to 
j will to anyone who is willing to 
receive all that I am very un¬ 
willingly about to will in my 
last wills and Testament at 

T, Dessa Crawford, bequeath 
my often-used Chorus conduct¬ 
cutting pencil to Perky or to 
her circular file. 

I, John E. Parkerson, leave all 
my happy times in Mr. Hansen s 
World History class to Murray 
Jones. | 

| j I, W. L. (Buzzy) Creekmore, 
j leave to all future presidents of 
. J the H-9 the invisible responsibil- 
. ities of said office. 

| I, Charlotte Peters, will my 


two ragged gymsuits and my 

size ten. gym shoes to Nan Pea¬ 
body. . ; 

I, Gwen Collier, will my abili¬ 
ty to chew gum in Spanish to 
my brother, Robert. 

I, Bob Oakes, leave Jimmy 
Hammond all of my marvelous 
grades in Latin. 

I, Claire Chavanne, will my 
ability to make a “H” in con¬ 
duct in Mrs. Worley’s room to 
Gordan Graham. 

I, Nelson Wolff, leave noth¬ 
ing because I can’t think of any 
thing worthwhile to leave except 
my 7 months I’ve gone with Son- 
ja to some 7th grader. 

I, June Mitchell, will to Bar¬ 
bara Heath my x*oving eye. 

I, Nancy Culbertson, will to 
William Francis Hamlett all the 
crushed feet he has given me 
with his blue suedes. 

I, Margaret Claghom, will to 
my sister, Louise, all my eras- 
erless pencils that I used up in 
Miss Moreland’s room. 

I, Adele Lewis, do hereby will 
my ability to do my Latin as- 
singemnts before class, to Mari¬ 
lyn Ferguson. 

I, Don Gartner, will back to 
| the 29 different teachers which 
11 have had in my three-year stay 
at Pershing, the knowledge they 
tried to impound into my hard 
head, in hopes that they might 
put it to- a more successful use. 



Penny Penland was recently 
elected president of the Honor 
Society for the fall semester. 

The vic-president is Marsha 
Langston, Patty Houston is the 
secretary and the treasurer is 
Anita Jones. 

These officers will not take of¬ 
fice until next September when 
the committee heads will be 

These four positions were filled 
now to be able to start off with 
a “bang” in September, accord¬ 
ing to Mr. Ridley, the sponsor. 


j "(Continued from Page 1) 

! Other nominees not on the pro- 
I gram were: Richard Bannerot, 
j Mike Blackledge, Mark Bowden, 
j Becky Borehert, Lee Chatham, 

| Carole Cloninger, Buzzy Creek- 
more, Walter De Foy, Carole Sue 
Fenoglio, Arlan Ferguson, Mar¬ 
tha Hansen, Mary Francis Harris, 
Alan Haufrect, Susie Heyne, Kay 
Ann Johnson, Frank Jones, Ann 
Leatherwood, Bill Monroe, Don¬ 
ald Murray, Sandra Pilitt, Har¬ 
riet Schaeffer, Andy Seidel, My¬ 
ra Shultz, Carolyn Traupe, and 
Robert Wagner. 

f Compliments ; I 

Nancy & Susan 




Compliments of Us 

J. J.—MA 3-6525 
G. A.—MO 5-4728 


(Continued from Page 1) 

Barricklo, Malcolm Bell, and 
Bobby Oakes. 

The outstanding rowers will be 
Judy Garmon, Tim O’Donnell. 
Carol Compton, Garolin Autrey, 
Lee Chatham and Mike Burgus. 

Skillful cancers will be Jerry 
Frank, Robert Gairing, Susan 
Daily, Richard Cunningham. 
Howard Bingham, and Michael 

The well known yatchsmen will 
be Tom Romberg, John Green¬ 
wood, and Mary Robbins. 

Gymnastics experts Will be 
Jimmy Hall, Deanne Carter, 
Mary Daniel, Harry Dillishaw 
and Douglas Bratton. 

Weight lifters will be Doris 
Hendon, Gary Costilow, Mary 
Ann Davidson, Thomas Granes 
and Miki Carlisle. 

Cyclists will be Suanna Hin- 
richs, Jack Drummond, Jeanice 
Davis, Rise Finch, James Cheek 
and James Broussard. 

The Olympic Games will he 
dominated by the United States, 
Winning the javelin throw for 
men will he Rayford High, Billy 
Kelly, Gorgon Scarborough and 
Max*k Bowden; for women will 
be Ann Nichols. 

Discus throw winners for m 
will be Tony Ullrich, B’ 
Creekmore, Walter Brad! 
Tarry Milles, Bob Gravell, 
Emmert; for women will be 
McLaughlin and Eliza) 

The high jump winner 
men will be Steve Barber, . 
Minchen, Travis Broesche 
Bill Monroe; for women wii. 

Kay Millet and Carole Hardy. 

The winners of the pole vau 
for men will be Andy Seidel, Me¬ 
son Wolff, George Morgan, Da 
vid Harris, Stephen Engberf 
Freddie Lipscomb and Larry Hi 
The broad jump winners ! 
men will be Jimmy Tabb, D< 
aid McLaughlin, John O’Heer 
Tom Gillean and Jim Triou; 
women Nan Peabody. 

The shot put winners for m 
will be Donnie Meredith, Jr. 
McDugald, William Hamlett ant 
Tom Francis; for women will he 
Janice Novak. 

| The hop, step and jump run¬ 
ners will he Dale McMillian, Vann 
’ Phillips and Bubba Putney, 
j The hammer throw winners 
’ will he Steve Zapp, Glynn Dy- 
ess, and Walter DeFoy. 

’ The low hurdles winners will 
x be Jere Wicker and Bobby Del- 
. any. 

The decathlon winner will be 
. .Joe Lovelady. 

j Bill Pickles will run a mile in 
three minutes. 

Start getting in shape so that 
% these prophecies will come true. 

I Compliments S 

Laura R. Clampett 

In The Village 
Dresses — Millinery 
And Sports Wear 
— JA 8-1509 — 

JA 6-1408 




2345 Belle-Fontaine 

2501 MCE BLVD. 
“In The Village” 


Published By The Chatter Club of John J. Pershing Junior High School 

Volume 24 


Number 8 


Felt Sports Pages Are 
Prophesied For H-9s 

Engberg ,. Houston 
Are Runners-up 

f Carolyn Traupe 

The yeax*, 1970, will find the 
names of Pershing students fill¬ 
ing the sports pages of all the 
newspapers in the world. 

The first major league base¬ 
ball team to be composed of all 
girls will win the World Sexies 
in that year. 

Pitching for that team will be 
Sharon Radke; Carolyn Traupe, 
the catcher; Sylvia Keller, first 
baseman; Jackie Watts, second 
base; Toby Trumps, third base¬ 
man; Carol Anne Voss, shortstop; 
Wrolyn Guess, left field; Linda 
dor, centerfield; and Ann Tur- 
right field. 

>.t hoys will be Randolph Ab- 
Norman Boyker, Garry Fred- 
and Thomas Brown, 
e outstanding co-educational 
xll team of that year will 
nprised of Harriet Schaffer, 
a Crowe, Elsley Bowman, 
jara Sipe, Dotty Adams, 
jrles Carter, Phillip Grimes, 
jrry Ibison, Billy Burge, Mar¬ 
ia Day and Kay Clanton. 

Two basketball teams will tie 
for first place on the east coast. 
» the play offs the all girl team 
^atricia Jones, Ann Fitch, Joy¬ 
ce Draper, Janya Houston, and 
.ma Imbt) will defeat the all 
r team (Ronald Poinaxter, Jer- 
Walston, Charles Agnor, Rob- 
t Brownlee and Bobby Tant. . 
Swimming champs in 1970 will 
,e Margaret Pyle (swimming the 
Atlantic Ocean), Rene Francis 
(the Pacific Ocean), Richard 
Bruns the Artie Ocean), Char¬ 
lotte Sparks (the Indian Ocean), 
Carol Akkerman (the length of 
the Mississippi River), Daveley 
Dubrow (the Meditteranean), 
Quentin James (the Nile), Tom¬ 
mie Dorsett (the Gulf of Mex¬ 
ico), Barbara Jackson (she will 
he old fashioned and swim the 
English Channel), Richard No¬ 
land (the Amazon River), and 
Brent Carmichael (from Cali¬ 
fornia to Australia). 

Tennis champions will be Mar¬ 
garet Moore, Jane Frank, Bill 
Thrash, Claire Chevanne, Mar- 
jean Allen, Vernon Goforth, Dan 
Durst, John McCaskill, Linda 
Dunn, John Jamison, Mike Black¬ 
ledge, and Susanne Bacon. 

Golfing experts will he Caro¬ 
lyn Simms, Jim Inches, Margaret 
Claghorn, Kenny Anderson, 
James Davis, Bill Miracle, Mike 
Dunne, Harry Jewitt, Bill Chen- 
ault and Julia Banks. 

Ice hockey team members will 
be Myra Shultz, Merritt Kolod- 
ny, Lynn Clampitte, Sharon An¬ 
derson, Don Edwards, Margaret 
Natho, Kirby Dupree, Ann Marie 
Johnson, Linda Leatherwood, 
Carole Cloninger, Linda Arnold, 
Paul Edwards, Donald Murray, 
Linette; Johnston, Joy Simmons, 
and Judy Basquez. 

Excellent skiers will be Anne 
Watts, Lynn Leff, Sandy Cole, 
Sandra Bailey, Teresa Balsorn, 
George Ehni, Vickie Neel, Hue 
Dushkin, Anita Smith, Eldon 
Jones, Carolyn Carr and Mickie 

Good roller skaters will be 
Qno UVH-on T?.eheeea Lev- 

erton, Jennie Snyder, Jack Cole¬ 
man, Kathy Ballard, Betty Ell¬ 
ington, Mark Haxthaysen, Carol 
Newberry, Frank Jones and Va- 
nita Berson. 

Susan Frank will be the first 
girl jockey to win the Kentucky 

Volleyball players will be Shar¬ 
on Ligon, Lloyd Lindinger, Louis 
Collins, Dianne Farrell, Molly El¬ 
lis, Stewart Newland, Robert La- 
juarta, Gerald Jordan and Kath¬ 
leen Max-tin. 

Pool players will he Anthony 
Locascio, Gwen Collier, Janet 
Harbican, Marilu Ellis and Char¬ 
lie Newton. 

Hot games of ping pong will 
be played by Miley Tucker, Sher- 
ry Strater, Gebby Long, Dickie 
Cottrell, Carole Palmer, Charles 
Leslie, Carole Sue Fenoglio, Bob¬ 
by Murray, Sandra McNulty, Jan¬ 
et Junker, John Smith and Mar¬ 
tha Bishop. 

Polo champs will be Marilyn 
Martin, Carol Coulter, Barbara 
Pickard, Mary Francis Harris 
and Mildred Bishop. 

Excellexxi; water skiers will be 
! Charles Madsen, Dessagene 
! Crawford, Betty Van Hush, Rich¬ 
ard Hataway, Barbara Pearce. 
Diane Nichols, Jimmy Helliher, 
Judy Bond and Sonja Booher. 

Badminton players will he 
Alice Thurston, Jack McDaniel, 
Kenny Williams, Nancy Culbert¬ 
son, Cathy Williams, Gerry Hale, 
Alan Haufrect, Bill Oelfke, Frank 
Kelly, Kenneth Carr and Rebec¬ 
ca Borehert. 

Skeet shooters will be Ann 
Hoover, Morris Malone, Richard 
Drake, Judy Young, Boh Heliums, 
John O’Quinn, Kay King, John 

Students Invited 
To Join Texas Club 

Dana Key 

The Texas History Club, a new 
organization in Pershing, is the 
youngest chapter in the Texas 
Junior Historical Association. 
Chapter 155 is sponsored by Mrs. 
Nettie Barnes, room 111 and Mrs. 
Worth Jones of Bellaire. 

The club charter has been 
framed and hung in the club 
room. Some-of the charter mem¬ 
bers of the Texas History Club 
had a doughnut sale recently to 
pay for the cost of the frame. 

Projects of the club for thg 
spring semester are: writing es¬ 
says on the history of our city, 
county, or state and submitting 
them to the Annual Writing Con¬ 
test in Austin; placing hooks in 
the Pershing library; giving a 
play on Sam Houston in the audi¬ 
torium; giving a play for the 
Daughters of the Republic of 
Texas; and interviewing differ¬ 
ent persons for interesting facts 
on Texas History. 

Nine members attended the an¬ 
nual convention of the Texas 
Historical Association in April 
in Austin, •; ’ 

Mrs. Barnes has application 
blanks for students desiring to 
join the Texas History Club next 

Stuckley and Betty Bowman. 

Trapshooters will be Janis La 
Grone, Mary Matthews, Don 
Gartner, John Farmer, Johnny 
Elliott, Tommy Henderson, James 
Pettitt, Elizabeth Lamkin, Don 
Brannan and Dorothy Brooks. 

Archery champions will be Jan 
Tomlinson, Celia . Middlebrook, 
Lana Feagin, Robert Farmer, 
Dennis Reed, Mike Hodges, Ar¬ 
nold Poth, Max'y Long, Linda 
Carrier and Bette Bruton. 

Auto racers will be Robert 
Wagner, Frank Meyer, Arlan 
Ferguson, Rufus Hooks, Bill 
Gi'ote, Jeannie Pigenot and Si¬ 
mone Cameron. 

Billiard players will he Terry 
Molik, Edward Wells, Janis Gian- 
zex*, Pat Haragan, Bruce La Boon, 
Pam Popkin, Sandra Simmer, Al¬ 
vin Tumbert, Pugie Cornwell and 
Carolyn MeCaber. 

Speed boat racers will be Vic¬ 
tor Myers, Charles Davis, Joyce 
Lee, Tommy Long, Don Smith, 
and Jon Terrell. 

Bowling champs will be Nancy 
Walton. Barbara Segers, Col¬ 
lette Montgomery, Clyde Ger¬ 
many, Joycelyn Reising, Jimmy 
Roberts, Jim Ridge, Steve Smith, 
Ella Lester and Sandra Pilitt. 

Famous boxers will be Wayne 
Shull, Adele Lewis, Judy Tin- 
dal, Dana Roe, David Roberts, 
Bill Bush, 'James Dawson, Wes¬ 
ley Sokolosky and Barry Mad¬ 

Excellent croquet players will 
be Kay Anderson, Judy Lucas, 
Angel Hawkins, Lynn Walker, 
Jimmy Ross, Thomas Stults, Le- 
titia Kinzbaeh, Frances Martin, 
Bill Charlton and Anne Fisher. 

Curling champs will be Foster 
McArthur, Sue Gerrard, David 
Warren, Trey Martin and Tim¬ 
my Smith. 

Fencing experts will be Kay 
Ann Johnson, June Mitchell, Bar¬ 
bara Blum, Judy Bell, Carolyn 
Williams, Pat Norton and Bar¬ 
bara Axelrod. 

The fishermen who catch the 
biggest fish will be Charlie Tira¬ 
do, Jimmy Bindley, Charlton 
Gouldson, Henry Milam, Audrey 
Riggs, Martha Summers, Samuel 
Shaw, Betty Day, Bill Puffer and 
Pat Harnes. 

Ice boat racers will he John 
Parkerson, Cynthia Blanton, Ed¬ 
die Thurston, David Carter, Bain 
Williams and Bari Bodden. 

Wrestlers in 1970 will he Lin¬ 
da Hudson, Margo Garrett, Har¬ 
old Taylor, Jean Childerhose and 
Frances Williams. 

The first two people to walk all 
the way from Alaska to Chile 
will be David Broyles and Stuart 

The yoyo champs will he Barry 
Weaver, Thomas Coff, Charlotte 
Peters, Sue Felder, John Weber, 
Richard Bannerot and Susie 

The winners of the continuous 
talking marathon will he Bobby 
Freedman and Ramona Hudgins. 

Champion Indian wrestlers will 
he Donald Murff, Martha Han¬ 
sen, Linda Angle, David -Ander¬ 
son, Susan Campbell, Kenneth 

(Continued on Page 6) 

Jimmy Lindley and Barbara 
Jackson received the American 
Legion Awards in the auditorium 

Runnefsup were Stephen Eng- 
berg and Janya Houston. 

John O’Heeron acted as M.C. 

j Pam Pompkin, Character; and 
Marilu Ellis, Companionship. 

Jimmy Lindley, a member of 
Mrs. Gregoi'y’s homeroom, was 
vice-presideet of the Student 
Council and president of the Hon- 
i or Society in the ninth grade. 


JIMMY LINDLEY T . T • n . , 

Jimmy Lindley has just re- 

with Jere Wicker giving^ tne i’ ee ived his license as a ham open- 
pledge and Dotty Adams giving a ^ or> plans to attend Bellaire 
the prayer. . High ; and either RkxrMr M.I.T. 

Ihe students are judged on Barbara Jackson, a member of 
six traits by the 9th grade teach- 


' 'IP 


ers. Speaking on these traits 
were: Barbara Axelrod, Scholar¬ 
ship; Stephen Engberg, Leader -1 
ship; Kenny Anderson, Citizen- j 
ship; Travie Broesche, Service; | 

L7 Students Give 
Panel Discussion 

Students representing the L-7 
homerooms presented a panel 
discussion on the nature of home 
room programming in the audi¬ 
torium recently. 

Students pai’ticipating were: 
Lucie Calwell, Stephenson; Dick 
Morgan, Morse; David Siever, 
Payne; Judy Tritico, White; Sue 
Harrison, Melanson; Beth Daugh- j 
tery, Gilliland; Phillip Pappas, i 
Moss; and Jeanine Kunkle, Mar¬ 

This group also made sugges¬ 
tions as to how Pershing could 
he a better school through the 
enrichment of the homeroom pro¬ 

Mr. Ratliff congratulated the 
students on their behavior in the 


Mrs. La Verne’s registration, has 
earned five scholarships at Per¬ 
shing. She was chairman of the 
Honor Society’s Credentials Com¬ 
mittee in the L-9. 

Barbara has worked in the of¬ 
fice for two years and was on 
the Chatter staff in the H-8. She- 
plans to attend Lamar and Rice. 

Stephen Engberg, a member- 
of Mrs. Ferrell’s homei’oom, has 
been president of the Student 
Council and Councilman-at-large. 
A winner of five scholarships, 
Stephen is hoping for his sixth 
this tei’m, < 

Stephen lettered on the swim¬ 
ming team for two years and on 
the football team for three years 
and was a B and A team letter- 
man. He is a member of the Hon¬ 
or Society and the May Fete 

Runner-up Janya Houston is a 
member of Mrs. Rollins’ home¬ 
room .She is a member of the. 
Honor Society and is chairman 
of her English class. She placed 
second in the City Music Contest. 

Janya was a candidate for 
Snowflake and is secretary of her- 

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